Interior Design

Spark of Color

Terra Firma

Earthy, spicy, warm and autumnal are all words that describe this new neutral color trend steeped in terra cottas, rusty reds and rustic browns.


If you are not ready to paint your walls then here are some easy ways to add this trend to your home:



  1. Bianca Jute-Blend Rug,
  2. Delia Chair in Dustin Spice,
  3. PB Classic Metal Bell Bronze Pendant,
  4. Delmar Batiks Ethnic Patch Rust Fabric,
  5. Aviatrix “Sunburst” Wallpaper,
  6. Red Gentian X-Ray Flowers Indoor Decorative Pillow,
  7. Spotted Ceramic Vase,


Interior Design

Trends from the Nest

The 5th Wall

This is not a science fiction movie… it is, actually, the ceiling.  How you treat the ceiling can make a big difference on how the room is perceived.  If you have a low ceiling that you want to make appear higher, then paint it a lighter color than the walls.  The lighter the ceiling color, the more “airy” the room will look.  If you have a high ceiling and you want the room to look cozier, then paint it a darker color than the walls or add something structural like beams.  These are the basics as it relates to the treatment of ceilings.  That said, designers are looking beyond pure perspective and treating the ceiling with the same respect as the walls.  This effect is called a “statement ceiling” and includes a number of options such as:

  • Bold Paint (eclectic or modern)
  • Wood (rustic or modern depending on the wood, adds warmth)
  • Shiplap (farmhouse)
  • Coffered (traditional, sophisticated, adds depth to the room)
  • Beams (rustic)
  • Wallpaper (eclectic or modern)
  • Metal (industrial)
  • Black or Navy Blue (adds drama)

Take a look at these examples and tell us your ideas for your statement ceiling.


Images courtesy of,,, New England Home,,,