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2020 Interior Design Trends Highlight the Revival of Cane & Rattan.

Natural and woven materials get a complete overhaul resulting in a contemporary aesthetic that works with many interior decors such as modern, transitional, eclectic and, of course, coastal – just to name a few.  Once relegated to porches and patios this trend is appearing in several offerings ranging from high-end furniture lines to mass merchants, such as Target. Along with another 2020 interior design trend “sustainable materials”, natural fibers such as cane, rattan, and seagrass are showing up in furniture, cabinets, pendant lighting, wall art and more.  There are many ways to integrate them into your home. Here are a few inspirations:



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Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a perfect way to add visual interest to a room that is very personal and curated.  There are a variety of techniques that can be used but the one thing that is a constant is that the gallery should have the feel of collection.

Some tricks of the trade for creating a gallery wall are as follows:

  1. Consider the right balance between your wall space and the frames that you want to display.
  2. Place your frames at eye level (typically five feet from the floor) unless you have very high ceilings.
  3. Be sure that your frame arrangement is centered horizontally on your wall space to create balance.
  4. Plan the layout before hanging either by arranging them on the floor or hanging craft paper on the wall.
  5. Unless you are creating a very structured linear arrangement, vary the shapes and sizes of the frames and hang both horizontal and vertical orientations to make it more interesting.
  6. If you are looking for consistency for family photos, turn your color images into black and white.

Linear and Grid

A linear and grid arrangement works best with the same frames of the same size and can be displayed either horizontally or vertically depending on the given area.  If you are looking for a clean and balanced look then linear is a good option.

linear wall gallery.png


A salon style gallery, also known as a clustered configuration, is slightly more freestyle and can be a mix of framed art and objects.  This lends itself to more creativity since artworks are arranged within a loosely defined, more organic space.

salon wall gallery.png

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A ledge style gallery is created by staggering the height and overlapping a group of frames.  This is a great way to showcase family photographs mixing them with etchings or other works of art.

ledge wall gallery.png

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Hang frames in the same upward angle of your staircase.  Anchor the display with large frames and accent the anchors with smaller frame sizes.

staircase wall gallery

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Trends from the Nest

Embrace the Curves

Say goodbye to boxy, straight lines and hello to curves.  One of the top design trends for 2018 is curved lines and we are seeing it show up in furnishing, accessories and archways.  With a nod to the 1970’s, curved furnishing create a look of luxury, softness and comfort.  These natural and organic shapes really bring out the glamour in your home.  Designers see it as a replacement for the minimalist Mid-Century Modern and Industrial Reclaimed looks that have dominated the scene in the past couple of years.

There are many ways to add this look to home whether it’s a complete curved design or just accent pieces.  Either way it is the perfect way to glam up your home.

curved lines furniture.png

  1. Scoop Stool,
  2. Luther Swivel Chair,
  3. Cedar & Moss Globe,
  4. Robey Snow Curved Sofa,
  5. Nicholas Marble Round Coffee Table,
  6. Layne Round Wall Mirror, http://www.pottery
  7. Fine Fixture Pedestal Sink,

Grayson Chair,