Interior Design

Design 101

Utilizing Space

Let’s review…the eight elements of design are:

  1. Line
  2. Form
  3. Color
  4. Value
  5. Texture
  6. Pattern
  7. Light
  8. Space

In today’s blog we are going to focus on space.  Space refers to an enclosed area, but in terms of design, it refers to a room.  Space is defined by length, width and height but when deciding on furnishings you need to also consider depth.  Once you have your furniture arranged leaving enough room for flow of traffic you will find empty spaces that can be used for lamps, plants and other items that help to balance the room.  See the example below and note how the furniture uses the space to allow for conversation. The lamp to the right, overhead lighting and fireplace on left “finish” the room so it appears complete and well-designed but not crowded.

design 101_space.png

Interior Design

Trends from the Nest

Indoor Plants

Adding plants is the perfect and inexpensive way to brighten up your home décor.  While house plants are not a new concept, designers are using them more than ever this year.  Plants provide color, line, texture and form to any room however, the other great benefit is that many plants have a purifying effect. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, additionally, plants also release water increasing humidity and, in many cases, remove toxins.  Therefore, you will find that you breathe easier when you are living amongst plants.  There are so many great options from tall and showy — that can fill corners or add height to a horizontal vignette, or small and compact — perfect for bookshelves, kitchens and accent tables.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: If there is such a thing as an it plant, that plant would be a Fiddle Leaf Fig. You will have seen them in almost every interior design magazine.  Their size, silhouette and showy leaves makes them a perfect room accent as long as have enough bright light and you can keep them away from drafts.
  2. English Ivy: I love to use English Ivy on a floating bookshelf because of the way it trails.  Bright indirect light is best for this plant. Keep away from your pets as English Ivy is toxic to dogs and cats.
  3. Rubber Tree Plant: I love the large glossy leaves of a Rubber Tree Plant. They add so much drama but are very low maintenance.  All they require is a sunny spot and once-a-week water.
  4. Dragon Tree: This spiky plant goes very well with modern interiors. It is relatively easy to care for and will do well in bright but indirect sunlight


Interior Design

Seven Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home

Take advantage of the long summer days to reset the decor for both inside and outside your home:

  1. Identify old home decor accessories that are no longer your style and donate them or give them away to friends and family. This simple step can help reduce clutter and bring attention to those items that you absolutely love
  2. Bring order and attention to family photos by creating a picture gallery and add some 3-dimensional items to give it some visual interest.
  3. Change your bedding to something light and airy for the Summer season.
  4. Buy or cut flowers from your garden and place them around your home.
  5. Add containers with flowers and plants to your front porch and back patio. Think through your color story beforehand using three colors at the most and make sure they work with paint color of your home.
  6. Replace throw pillows with bright cheerful colors or botanical prints.
  7. Add house plants to not only refresh the air but to add some textural interest.


Interior Design

Decorating on a Dime

Decorating your space does not have to be expensive.  Start by focusing on one project at a time so that it does not feel overwhelming and tackle what is most important to you first.

Once you decide the space or room, identify your color story to give it a coordinated and professional look.  Relocate donate or sell items that do not fit with your new color scheme.  The best items to save money on are lamps and accessories.  Put your money toward quality and comfortable furniture.  This can be an opportunity to add something a little trendy as long as it works with your current furniture.  Plants, both real and fake are inexpensive ways to add color and form to a room.  Pillows and throw added texture, while books and accessories add form. This little changes can go a long way.  Here are some ideas to inspire you.

deco on a dime