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Ever since I returned from my trip to Portugal, I have been obsessed with decorative tile.  There are so many amazing options that range in budget – prices run from $3 to $10 per square foot.  They can be used in a big way – like an entire floor or for smaller areas like a back-splash or a portion of a back-splash to make a statement.  They can also be used to highlight a single wall or create a small floor pattern.  If you live in a humid area, then tile is a great mildew resistent option, which is another reason that it is  perfect for high moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Below are centuries old tiles that I photographed during my trip to Portugal:


For inspiration, here are some samples of decorative tile patterns from


From left to right:

Geometric: Cordoba, Jacinto, Sevilla

Traditional: Saigon, Churchill, Toledo

Modern: Orbital, Nova, Volta


Interior Design

Trends from the Nest


This trend has been around awhile but it appears to be catching fire in 2018.  Some of our favorite Spark & Sparrow home interior brands such as Magnolia Home, Serena & Lily, Annie Selke along with retail chains such as Pottery Barn, Arhaus and Crate & Barrel are all getting in the act.  All that said, this is not your great-grandmother’s wallpaper.  Some of the hottest trends include botanicals, florals, geometrics, brick & stone effects, metallics, marble, fabric and much more.


Beyond the amazing variety of styles, Wallpapers are much easier to apply if you prefer to DIY.  Vinyl and or vinyl coated wallpaper makes it possible to use wallpapers in kitchens and bathrooms since they are easy to clean.


Courtesy of

Wallpaper can be used in many ways whether it be an entire room, single wall or backing for a bookshelf.


Share some the ways you have used wallpaper in your home.