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Fall Refresh

10 simple ways to revamp your home for fall

Spring may be a time for renewal, but Fall is for refreshing. After a long, hot summer, I am so energized to add cozy autumn hues and make a big pot of soup. Here is a list of easy updates that gets your ready for the Autumn season.

  1. Pantry Overhaul: it’s time to toss anything that has expired and donate the non-perishable food that you won’t use to a food pantry.  Load up on ingredients for stews, soups, and one pan roasting dishes full of fall vegetables.
  2. Throw Pillows: change out your throw pillows for those in rich autumn colors.  This change gives a home an immediate warm and cozy feel.
  3. Purge Clothing: if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t. If damaged toss it, otherwise donate or sell.  I use for pieces that are in great shape, and still in style.  You won’t get rich, but it might pay for a dinner out.
  4. Light Candles: Buy candles in warming scents like sage, cinnamon, apple, pumpkin and pomegranate Cozy up with a book, warm slippers and soft throw blanket.
  5. Update Bedding:  depending on the what part of the country you live in, swap out you sheets for soft flannel and update your comforter or quilt with a new fall pattern.
  6. Read More Books: stack books by your nightstand to encourage reading under a comfy blanket with a cup of hot tea.
  7. Dried Flowers: Add texture to your home with beautiful dried flowers. They add an earthiness that is both comforting and subtle.
  8. Matte Pottery: update your built-ins or shelves with matte colored pottery in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  9. Chunky Throw: Add a textured or cable-knit throw to your sofa or favorite chair for nights by the fireplace.
  10. Fall Wreath: Add a brightly colored wreath to your front door and you can never have too many pumpkins.
Interior Design

A Dog’s Life

Dog Bowl Identity

Many folks identify themselves by their canine counterparts. I have labs… I like to work. I like to play. I like to eat. I like to sleep. Enough said. So why not identify our décor style with our dog bowls. Take a look at these dog bowl archetypes and let me know which one best describes you or write in your own.bowls

  1. The New Englander: Vintage Stripe Ceramic Bowl,
  2. The Blue Blood: Hartman & Rose Porcelain,
  3. The Minimalist: Stoneware in Grey,
  4. The Gardener: Shabby Chic Roses Polka Dot Pink Bowl,
  5. The Mid-Century Modernist: The Phorm Collection;
  6. Zen Master: Modern Raised Bamboo,
  7. Fixer Upper-ista: Urban Country,
  8. The Highlander: Tartan Plaid,




Interior Design

A Dog’s Life

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…In Luxe!

Whether you have one dog, five dogs, small, medium or large – you most likely have one or more dog beds.  I have two dogs but way more than two dog beds and the struggle remains on how to make them work with the decor.   My solution is to coordinate with your interiors and make them part of the room because we all know that our pets deserve a comfy and pretty place to nap.

One of my favorite new brands is from the pet store chain Hollywood Feed.  Their exclusive brand, Mississippi Made, as the name indicates,  design and manufacture the fabrics in Sherman, Mississippi. As pretty as their fabrics are, the bed covers are very durable and machine washable.  I have removed many a muddy footprint stain and the bed still looks like new.  I selected this print because it matched my paint color perfectly.  Who says you can’t have it all!


Molly, the Labrador Retriever and Spark & Sparrow dog model.

Here are more inspirations that will satisfy both the designer in you and your pups!


  1. Hunter Handmade dog beds available at
  2. Bamboo Lounge bed from P.L.A.Y. available at
  3. Jax and Bones dog bed available at
  4. Harry Barker personalized vintage-inspired dog bed available at Neiman Marcus

Share pics of your favorite luxe pet bed.

Interior Design

Seven Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home

Take advantage of the long summer days to reset the decor for both inside and outside your home:

  1. Identify old home decor accessories that are no longer your style and donate them or give them away to friends and family. This simple step can help reduce clutter and bring attention to those items that you absolutely love
  2. Bring order and attention to family photos by creating a picture gallery and add some 3-dimensional items to give it some visual interest.
  3. Change your bedding to something light and airy for the Summer season.
  4. Buy or cut flowers from your garden and place them around your home.
  5. Add containers with flowers and plants to your front porch and back patio. Think through your color story beforehand using three colors at the most and make sure they work with paint color of your home.
  6. Replace throw pillows with bright cheerful colors or botanical prints.
  7. Add house plants to not only refresh the air but to add some textural interest.