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Spark of Color: Vintage Wonderland

Color stories for your interior design can be influenced by many things such as nature, artwork, and sometimes, just things from your everyday life.  I took this picture in front of an antique store in Lambertville, N.J. called America Antiques and Design.  Among many things, they specialize in large clocks.  I used this image for today’s color inspiration.

vintage wonderland

Vintage Wonderland photographed by Susan Haney


  1. Ombre Pop Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Multi,
  2. Butte 24″ Cone Aged Brass Pendant,
  3. Meyer Lemon & Sage Prints,
  4. Safavieh Boris Red Coffee Table,
  5. Nantucket Roll Arm Sofa,
  6. Elise & James Home Dalis Decorative Pillow,
  7. Lemon Sorbet Paint,
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Scenic Inspirations

Coastal Calm

Nothing sets the mood of a room like color.  Cool colors (blues, greens, violet combinations) promote tranquility.  Cool colors recede and are great for making a small room look larger.   Warm colors (orange, red, yellow combinations) advance projecting a feeling of comfort. Warm colors are used to make a big room feel cozier.  When deciding on paint colors and furnishings, consider both the size of the room and the mood that you want to establish.  A good tool is to use an inspirational image, either from a magazine, photograph or other source, that evokes an emotion that would like to translate to a room.

To illustrate this concept, I am using a photograph that I took in Key West.  I call this image “Taking Flight”.  While I love a great variety of design styles, one my favorite is “Coastal”. There is nothing like a beach scene to communicate coastal living.  Below the photograph is a mood board for a living room with paint and furnishings influenced by this image.  Share your inspiration and related mood board for your next project.


Taking Flight, photographed by Susan Haney

coastal calm.png

  1. Vanguard Hart Coastal Teal Coral Rope Back Ivory Armchair,
  2. Safavieh Cape Cod Natural/Blue Area Rug,
  3. Blossom Beguile I Indoor Decorative Pillow,
  4. Watery, Behr Marquee Paint
  5. Ava Slipcovered Sofa,
  6. Harlow Small Coffee Table: Gunmetal,
  7. Palecek Reyna Coastal Grey Stripe Cream Rattan Stool Table,
  8. Carol Benson-Cobb, Mesa’s End No. 2,
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Trends from the Nest

Colorful Kitchens

2018 color trends are bold and beautiful and can be found in furnishings, paint colors, wallpapers and much more.  The all white kitchen that was so popular a few years ago is getting a makeover and that makeover brings lots of color.   Greens and blues are a popular color palette, but if you taste tends run more neutral then there are lots of grey and sage green options as well. Here are a few color ideas for your next kitchen design project:


Courtesy of


Courtesy of

kitchen_robins egg blue.png

Courtesy of


Courtesy of

kitchen_dark grey.png

Courtesy of

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Spark of Color

Terra Firma

Earthy, spicy, warm and autumnal are all words that describe this new neutral color trend steeped in terra cottas, rusty reds and rustic browns.


If you are not ready to paint your walls then here are some easy ways to add this trend to your home:



  1. Bianca Jute-Blend Rug,
  2. Delia Chair in Dustin Spice,
  3. PB Classic Metal Bell Bronze Pendant,
  4. Delmar Batiks Ethnic Patch Rust Fabric,
  5. Aviatrix “Sunburst” Wallpaper,
  6. Red Gentian X-Ray Flowers Indoor Decorative Pillow,
  7. Spotted Ceramic Vase,


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Trends from the Nest

Boldly Go…with Color!

Bye, bye beige and hello color.  Brightly hued furniture is a big trend this year.  If color scares you but you want to make a statement then try blue or green on a sofa and make it the focal point of the room.  If you love color then this trend is for you and it is okay to mix and match as long as the colors are from complementary color families — then add white to give it crisp clean look.


  1. CB2: Avec Emerald Green Apartment Sofa with Brass Legs, $1499
  2. One Kings Lane, Splash Armchair – Silver/Bright Red, $99
  3. Wayfair, Everly Quinn Bourn Standard Sofa-Purple, $1299.99
  4. West Elm: Monroe Mid Century Sofa – Lagoon Blue, $1399
  5. Joss & Main, Kittrell Chesterfield Sofa, 959.99
  6. Wisteria: Velvet Settee-Yellow, $1499



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Spark of Color

2019 Color of the Year

Behr paint unveils its Color of the Year for 2019…Blueprint. “Much like the sketches builders rely on to bring an architectural design to life, Blueprint S470-5 lays a foundation for consumers to make their unique vision a reality,” said Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr. “This universally appealing hue provides a steady stream of positivity and is poised to be an instant classic for years to come.”


Blueprint serves as a principle hue for the annual BEHR® 2019 Color Trends that includes a palette of 15 supporting colors predicted to impact interior design in the coming year.  The four accompanying color trends allow consumers to use Blueprint as the base color and transform their space based on their personal preferences. To learn more, visit

COLOR BINGE includes Watery, Antiqua, Dark Navy and Blue Metal

color binge

INSPIRATION CURATION includes Ecological, Amber Autumn, Raisin in the Sun and Vine Leaf

inspiration curation

DOWN TO EARTH includes Elephant Skin, Mars Red and Kindling

down to earth

SOFT FOCUS includes Cotton Grey, Standing Ovation and Sand Dance

soft focus

I love this Fall inspired palette in spite of the fact that it is 95 degrees in McKinney, Texas. My North Eastern roots have kicked in and I am daydreaming about falling leaves, cozy sweaters and leather boots. Here is my interpretation of the Behr color trend.  Please share yours.

behr palette

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Trends from the Nest

Indoor Plants

Adding plants is the perfect and inexpensive way to brighten up your home décor.  While house plants are not a new concept, designers are using them more than ever this year.  Plants provide color, line, texture and form to any room however, the other great benefit is that many plants have a purifying effect. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, additionally, plants also release water increasing humidity and, in many cases, remove toxins.  Therefore, you will find that you breathe easier when you are living amongst plants.  There are so many great options from tall and showy — that can fill corners or add height to a horizontal vignette, or small and compact — perfect for bookshelves, kitchens and accent tables.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: If there is such a thing as an it plant, that plant would be a Fiddle Leaf Fig. You will have seen them in almost every interior design magazine.  Their size, silhouette and showy leaves makes them a perfect room accent as long as have enough bright light and you can keep them away from drafts.
  2. English Ivy: I love to use English Ivy on a floating bookshelf because of the way it trails.  Bright indirect light is best for this plant. Keep away from your pets as English Ivy is toxic to dogs and cats.
  3. Rubber Tree Plant: I love the large glossy leaves of a Rubber Tree Plant. They add so much drama but are very low maintenance.  All they require is a sunny spot and once-a-week water.
  4. Dragon Tree: This spiky plant goes very well with modern interiors. It is relatively easy to care for and will do well in bright but indirect sunlight


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Design 101

Color De-Coded

The eight elements of design are:

  1. Line
  2. Form
  3. Color
  4. Value
  5. Texture
  6. Pattern
  7. Light
  8. Space

In this weeks Design 101 blog we are going to focus on Color and Value. There are three primary colors – red, yellow and blue.  Combinations of the three primary colors create the basic colors:  red, yellow, blue, orange, green and violet. The mixing of these six colors, along with darkening or lightening creates the subtleties that produce interesting design results.   The darkening and lightening of a given color is what is known as value.  When decorating your home, you need to work with the color and value of all the elements in a room including walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, window treatments and accessories.  One of the best inspirations for developing a color scheme can be found in nature.  Take a look at some of these influences and share your color inspirations.