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Fall Refresh

10 simple ways to revamp your home for fall

Spring may be a time for renewal, but Fall is for refreshing. After a long, hot summer, I am so energized to add cozy autumn hues and make a big pot of soup. Here is a list of easy updates that gets your ready for the Autumn season.

  1. Pantry Overhaul: it’s time to toss anything that has expired and donate the non-perishable food that you won’t use to a food pantry.  Load up on ingredients for stews, soups, and one pan roasting dishes full of fall vegetables.
  2. Throw Pillows: change out your throw pillows for those in rich autumn colors.  This change gives a home an immediate warm and cozy feel.
  3. Purge Clothing: if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t. If damaged toss it, otherwise donate or sell.  I use for pieces that are in great shape, and still in style.  You won’t get rich, but it might pay for a dinner out.
  4. Light Candles: Buy candles in warming scents like sage, cinnamon, apple, pumpkin and pomegranate Cozy up with a book, warm slippers and soft throw blanket.
  5. Update Bedding:  depending on the what part of the country you live in, swap out you sheets for soft flannel and update your comforter or quilt with a new fall pattern.
  6. Read More Books: stack books by your nightstand to encourage reading under a comfy blanket with a cup of hot tea.
  7. Dried Flowers: Add texture to your home with beautiful dried flowers. They add an earthiness that is both comforting and subtle.
  8. Matte Pottery: update your built-ins or shelves with matte colored pottery in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  9. Chunky Throw: Add a textured or cable-knit throw to your sofa or favorite chair for nights by the fireplace.
  10. Fall Wreath: Add a brightly colored wreath to your front door and you can never have too many pumpkins.

Trends from the Nest: Sustainable Furniture

In celebration of Earth Day, I am focusing today’s blog on sustainable furniture which also happens to be an interior design trend for 2020.  

For furniture to be considered sustainable, it needs to consider the following: material, manufacturing, transport, and utility.

To break that down a little bit more, sustainable furniture should incorporate the following:

  1. Uses recycled, repurposed or renewable materials (such as bamboo)
  2. Incorporates safe manufacturing that does not pollute the environment, practices fair trade, and does not harm communities or destroy sensitive environments
  3. Is energy efficient using locally sourced materials
  4. Is built for durability

With quality and sustainability in mind, here are some companies that make beautiful furniture without leaving a heavy footprint on the environment.

The Joinery

The Joinery designs and handcrafts hardwood furniture from sustainable forest resources. The furniture is entirely built and signed by an individual builder in Portland Oregon with a lifetime warranty.


Medley furnishings are built in their workshop in Los Angeles, CA. Each item is custom crafted using premium eco-material demonstrating how American made furniture can lower the carbon footprint.


Burrow furniture is handcrafted from durable, sustainably-sourced hardwood and scratch- and stain-resistant, non-toxic fabrics. With an eye toward style, Burrow provides long-lasting and multi-purpose options.


Fair Trade Certified, Avocado is the only Climate Neutral® Certified mattress brand achieving “net-zero” carbon emissions. Designed in Hoboken, N.J., their mattresses are handmade in California with naturally non-toxic and 100% certified organic materials from their farms. And if you need more reason to feel good about a purchase, 1% of revenues go to 1% for the Planet®.

Viva Terra

Viva Terra began in 2004 on the coast of California driven by a mission to provide eco-friendly décor options at a time when few were available. Viva Terra sources from and supports artisan communities in more than 20 countries across the globe, seeking out fair-trade partners and sustainable methods of production.

The Citizenry

The Citizenry partners with master artisans, blending their modern style with their time-tested techniques. Offering handmade goods, crafted with the highest quality materials, they sell direct to the consumer to offer more reasonable prices than traditional luxury boutiques.

Vermont Wood Studios

Vermont Wood Studios began as an effort to protect the world’s endangered wildlife habitats. Providing handcrafted, custom made wood furniture made in Vermont, their work and products demonstrate craftsmanship and sustainability.

Happy Earth Day and share your sustainable home ideas.


Trends from the Nest: Home Office Solutions 2

How to incorporate a printer into your home office design

This blog is inspired by my friend Leslie who charged me with helping her to design an appealing way to house her printer in her home office.  With this project in mind, I created three vignettes featuring different design styles and price ranges that will take you from “Office Space” to “Office Style”.

Cottage Charm

This first vignette incorporates a buffet cabinet.  The lower shelf can house the printer so that it is less conspicuous.  The cabinets and drawers can be used to store office supplies such as printer paper and ink.  Notebooks or coffee table books align the top of the buffet while the floating shelves above display small plants, artwork, photos, and other types décor.  This buffet is reasonably priced at under $300 and can be found at The wallpaper background is Blue Book Tonal Damask from The Fabric & Wallpaper Co.

Mid-century Modern

My husband Mike is the inspiration for this next vignette.  He likes all things modern with simple clean lines coupled with vintage personality.  Using a wide drawer buffet, the center shelves can be adjusted to house a printer.  The side cabinet and drawers hide office supplies.  Two staggered floating shelves above display prints, books, and mementos to give the space personality.  This buffet is also available on for under $300. The wallpaper background is Light Taupe Faux Texture from Total Wallcovering & Décor. This is a great way to get high style at a low price.

Modular Modern

This last vignette features a modular style cabinet by the British company, Ercol.  This is a splurge at over $3000 but because it is modular it can adapt to fit your needs and budget.  I love the Scandinavian look with the light wood and simple, functional design.  With layers of shelves and cabinets, it is ideal for storing what is unsightly while showcasing books and art objects.  The wallpaper background is Damson Tree by Sanderson Home.

Let us know your favorite style and happy designing!


Trends from the Nest – Home Office Solutions

Virtual offices have been trending over the past few years, however, with work from home policies in place, it has become a necessity.

Working from home can be distracting if you are new to it.  One way to adapt is to create a space that is primarily used for work. This will define a start and stop period to help close your day by visibly separating your work from your home life. It is also important to create a space that you love so that you can face the day with a calm, yet energized state of mind.

Here are a few inspirations for home offices or work areas that fit a variety of budgets and spaces.

If you live in a small apartment, a leaning desk could be a great solution.  It is stylish enough to work within your living area and takes a minimal amount of space. This industrial look has clean lines and includes a leaning desk, Edison lamp, low profile chair, and metal waste paper basket.

Leaning Desk,;



Wastepaper basket,

This next inspiration is luxe influenced and will work well in a master or spare bedroom.  High on style with a mirrored desk and upholstered chair, the look is ultra-feminine all within a small footprint.

Mirrored desk,


Wastepaper basket,–Irie-Waste-Basket-X112195316-L500-K~W001084205.html?refid=GX217610917620-W001084205&device=c&ptid=610870950607&network=g&targetid=aud-354999624671:pla-610870950607&channel=GooglePLA&ireid=62669408&fdid=1817&gclid=CjwKCAjw4KD0BRBUEiwA7MFNTcjyuNsuR0YoadoLL7XOC9ayAnEuI9tTMrYAK0__qg2VCYmMW_je9hoC-3MQAvD_BwE


If you have a small room, then a writing desk with a patterned chair is a great way to get a well-designed look while not requiring much space.  Add a rattan waste paper basket and linen pinboard to finish the look.



Wastepaper basket,



If you have an extra room, then spread out and make this space your own.  An L-shaped desk will give you plenty of space and fits nicely in a corner so that you can include other furniture.  If you need to use it as a guest bedroom then add a sleeper sofa or futon.  A sleek roller chair and neutral colors make this home office feel casual and comfortable but well put together.   Add pieces for extra storage such as a rolling rattan file cabinet, wire magazine rack and framed chalkboard for a project or to-do-list. 


Chair,–Saddle-Task-Chair-MHMZ7791-L10-K~LGLY6680.html?refid=GX245306817276-LGLY6680&device=c&ptid=446728927418&network=g&targetid=aud-354999624391:pla-446728927418&channel=GooglePLA&ireid=49897939&fdid=1817&PiID%5B%5D=29179231&gclid=CjwKCAjw4KD0BRBUEiwA7MFNTf3_Lly7LmB2TmsGz_YJdvBhJTSlCF7CT9QeaLJ79K7sjiRLWaN8wBoCFyQQAvD_BwERolling file cabinet

Wastepaper basket,

Framed chalkboard,

Magazine rack,

The three most important things to consider when designing your work area are space, functionality, and a style that reflects your personality.

Happy designing and share your office space with us!


Wallpaper Quotes

From 1838 Wallcoverings, Bramble Mineral Bead Wallpaper. “Delicate meandering leaves cascade gently down your walls creating subtle shades of sparkling beads in mineral green, blue dusk and chamomile delicate pink, or for the caramel with shimmering copper.” Learn more at


Trends from the Nest – Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns continues to be a design trend in 2020.

Mixing patterns will give your home style, character, and depth.  That said, combining patterns can also be complicated resulting in chaotic and unbalanced design.  In order to ensure that you apply this trend with success, here are the basic guidelines:

Use no more than three patterns and be sure to vary in size –  large, medium, and small.


Distribute the patterns evenly around the room to ensure proper balance.


Use colors that are the same hues and intensity.


Be sure to break up the patterns with solids.


For a subtle look, use tone on tone colors.


Another thing to consider when selecting a pattern is what style you are going for as this will set the tone of the room.  Here are some examples:


Florals in pastel colors will help you achieve a soft, airy, feminine look.


Vivid color and eclectic prints will result in a bohemian style.  The trick is to make it look unstructured yet balanced. 


Geometric patterns work well in modern, luxe and minimalistic décor.  The look is clean and angular and needs to be softened with rounded furniture and spherical shapes.

Animal Prints

If you looking for luxe and ready to go big, animal prints will deliver that look.


Bordering on eclectic, a global style feels earthy and welcoming. The prints are bold with strong colors or muted colors.


Depending on the type, stripes can give you either a farmhouse or a nautical look.  Bold stripes in cool colors will give you a coastal feel while delicate stripes like ‘ticking” will give you a farmhouse or rustic vibe.

Once you know the rules, playing with pattern can be both a great way to update a room without spending a great deal of money.  Have fun and share your pattern mixing ideas with us!


Spark of Color

Spark of Color

Happy St. Patty’s Day!  There is more to celebrate than green beer today.  In 2020, green is showing up in varying shades giving you many ways to update your space. 

Color sets the mood in your home and green is known to evoke balance, harmony and growth.  Depending on the hue, green can make a bold statement or can act as a neutral color.  Here are four ways to reimagine your space:

Cushing Green by Benjamin Moore

This rich and elegant color is part of the Benjamin Moore Historic Color Collection that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces.

Current Mood by Clare

This color green is not for the faint of heart, but I love the depth and drama that this could lend any space.

Hunter Green is having its day this year. Strong, earthy and masculine, this color is bold yet traditional.

This fresh minty green could easily be used as a neutral color on walls, kitchen cabinets and on doors as pictured here.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and let us know how you are using green in your home!

Interior Design

Trends from the Nest

2020 Interior Design Trends Highlight the Revival of Cane & Rattan.

Natural and woven materials get a complete overhaul resulting in a contemporary aesthetic that works with many interior decors such as modern, transitional, eclectic and, of course, coastal – just to name a few.  Once relegated to porches and patios this trend is appearing in several offerings ranging from high-end furniture lines to mass merchants, such as Target. Along with another 2020 interior design trend “sustainable materials”, natural fibers such as cane, rattan, and seagrass are showing up in furniture, cabinets, pendant lighting, wall art and more.  There are many ways to integrate them into your home. Here are a few inspirations:



Are you incorporating this trend into your home?  If so, share your photos here.