Trends from the Nest: Home Office Solutions 2

How to incorporate a printer into your home office design

This blog is inspired by my friend Leslie who charged me with helping her to design an appealing way to house her printer in her home office.  With this project in mind, I created three vignettes featuring different design styles and price ranges that will take you from “Office Space” to “Office Style”.

Cottage Charm

This first vignette incorporates a buffet cabinet.  The lower shelf can house the printer so that it is less conspicuous.  The cabinets and drawers can be used to store office supplies such as printer paper and ink.  Notebooks or coffee table books align the top of the buffet while the floating shelves above display small plants, artwork, photos, and other types décor.  This buffet is reasonably priced at under $300 and can be found at Wayfair.com. The wallpaper background is Blue Book Tonal Damask from The Fabric & Wallpaper Co.

Mid-century Modern

My husband Mike is the inspiration for this next vignette.  He likes all things modern with simple clean lines coupled with vintage personality.  Using a wide drawer buffet, the center shelves can be adjusted to house a printer.  The side cabinet and drawers hide office supplies.  Two staggered floating shelves above display prints, books, and mementos to give the space personality.  This buffet is also available on Wayfair.com for under $300. The wallpaper background is Light Taupe Faux Texture from Total Wallcovering & Décor. This is a great way to get high style at a low price.

Modular Modern

This last vignette features a modular style cabinet by the British company, Ercol.  This is a splurge at over $3000 but because it is modular it can adapt to fit your needs and budget.  I love the Scandinavian look with the light wood and simple, functional design.  With layers of shelves and cabinets, it is ideal for storing what is unsightly while showcasing books and art objects.  The wallpaper background is Damson Tree by Sanderson Home.

Let us know your favorite style and happy designing!

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