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A Dog’s Life

Hold Everything!

Plush toys…tennis balls…frisbees…rubber Kongs.  In my home, dog toys of all varieties are very often strewn around the house.  For this reason, I am obsessed with decorative containers – fabric, woven, wire – you name it…I have one. Plain and simple, that is how I keep the dog toy collection at bay. Decorative containers can range in price from $10 to $100 depending on what they are made from. Typically, the more natural the material, the more expensive they are.  And if you dog is a chewer, I advise that you don’t buy the expensive basket made from seagrass…Target is the way to go.  Here are few container options that work well in most décors:

decorative containers.png

  1. White & Grey Large Round Woven Plastic Storage Basket Room Essentials™,
  2. Heavy Metal Large Basket,
  3. Bins in Blue,
  4. Nantucket Woven Seagrass Rectangular Bin on Wheels,
  5. Gray & White Round Fabric Bin Pillowfort™,
  6. Harvest Wire Storage Baskets with Handles,


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