Interior Design

Design 101

Utilizing Space

Let’s review…the eight elements of design are:

  1. Line
  2. Form
  3. Color
  4. Value
  5. Texture
  6. Pattern
  7. Light
  8. Space

In today’s blog we are going to focus on space.  Space refers to an enclosed area, but in terms of design, it refers to a room.  Space is defined by length, width and height but when deciding on furnishings you need to also consider depth.  Once you have your furniture arranged leaving enough room for flow of traffic you will find empty spaces that can be used for lamps, plants and other items that help to balance the room.  See the example below and note how the furniture uses the space to allow for conversation. The lamp to the right, overhead lighting and fireplace on left “finish” the room so it appears complete and well-designed but not crowded.

design 101_space.png

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