Interior Design

Design 101

Light the Way

Let’s review…the eight elements of design are:

  1. Line
  2. Form
  3. Color
  4. Value
  5. Texture
  6. Pattern
  7. Light
  8. Space

In today’s blog we are going to focus on light and how natural light can affect your interior spaces.  The amount and wavelength of light can change the color and appearance of the object it touches.  Here is a quick overview of the benefits of having natural light in your home:

  1. Natural light affects our perception of space. Homes or buildings with lots of light appear to be larger than those without.
  2. Colors appear a deeper hue and more attractive in natural light vs. artificial light.
  3. Researchers indicate that well lit rooms provide more energy and help to combat fatigue.
  4. Naturally lit rooms promote fresher air keeping your home from smelling stale.
  5. Over illumination from artificial light can lead to discomfort such as headaches, therefore, natural light can provide a more comfortable atmosphere.
  6. Natural light is a timeline style not subject to fads.
  7. Natural light can lower expenses by reducing the amount of electricity that is required to illuminate your home.

Here are some example of how natural lighting enhances interior design:

lighting 1.png

Courtesy of

lighting 2.png

Courtesy of

lighting 3.png

Courtesy of

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