Interior Design

A Dog’s Life

Dog Bowl Identity

Many folks identify themselves by their canine counterparts. I have labs… I like to work. I like to play. I like to eat. I like to sleep. Enough said. So why not identify our décor style with our dog bowls. Take a look at these dog bowl archetypes and let me know which one best describes you or write in your own.bowls

  1. The New Englander: Vintage Stripe Ceramic Bowl,
  2. The Blue Blood: Hartman & Rose Porcelain,
  3. The Minimalist: Stoneware in Grey,
  4. The Gardener: Shabby Chic Roses Polka Dot Pink Bowl,
  5. The Mid-Century Modernist: The Phorm Collection;
  6. Zen Master: Modern Raised Bamboo,
  7. Fixer Upper-ista: Urban Country,
  8. The Highlander: Tartan Plaid,




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