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A couple weeks back I mentioned that my dogs are “free range”, meaning they have the run of the house.  All that said, they are better described as “free range” princesses.  While they lie on the couch, they like to perch their pretty little heads on my throw pillows.  Well…sometimes a good nap may cause a little drool stain or a damp head from swimming in the pool could leave a water mark.  Many an expensive throw pillow have gone by the wayside due to various stains.  Then I discovered throw pillows from Target.  Not only do they have a varied and super cute selection, but in many cases I have thrown the entire pillow in the washer and dryer and they come out looking somewhat brand new.  Either way, at Target prices, I can afford to get rid of them and buy something new.  As you can see below, Gracie is just rousing from her nap on her leaf print pillow from Target.

gracie_throw pillow.jpeg

Here is just a sampling of some of the many throw pillow options from Target.  Check out more on and share photos of your “free range” pets.

throw pillows.png

  1. White and Cream Floral Throw Pillow – Threshold™, $19.99
  2. Woodblock Leaf Rain Throw Pillow – Pillow Perfect®, $26.34 sale price
  3. Arrow Throw Pillow – Thumbprintz, $26.39 sale price
  4. Woven Global Square Throw Pillow Orange – Threshold™, $19.99
  5. Fox Square Throw Pillow, $16.99
  6. Patterned Throw Pillow (18″) – Gray/Tan – Project 62™, $19.99

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