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The Magical Reality of Ginger Fox

When I first entered the Ginger Fox Gallery in the Dallas Design Center, I was immediately struck by the diversity of her art.  Fox, a self-taught artist from the Texas Panhandle, is influenced by what she describes as magical reality – a mix of the natural and manmade worlds.

I fell instantly in love with her Water Series.  Her artwork evokes a sense of tranquility and calm.  If I had this in my house, I would be inspired to breathe deep every day.

great blue

Great Blue by Ginger Fox

On the other end of the spectrum, her Power Club series inspired my “inner badass”.  While the art is influenced by female Texas archetypes, I think women around the world just might connect to this southern swagger.

smokin hot

Smokin’ Hot by Ginger Fox

You can learn more about Ginger Fox at

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