Interior Design

Interior Design 101

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Getting started on an interior design project can be overwhelming and even more so if you are new to it.  There are so many styles, colors and patterns that there is a good chance that you may love more than one.  The best way to start any project is with inspiration.   Utilize resources such as home décor magazines, websites, blogs and boutique stores with vignettes already imagined.  Depending on your preference, there are a couple different ways to capture your ideas:

  • Pinterest
  • Digital Folders
  • Physical Folders with clippings, photographs and print-outs

Once you feel that you have gathered enough inspiration, take a closer look to see what common themes begin to emerge.  In this common theme you most likely find your true style or combination of styles.  Narrow down the choices and create a mood board.

This is an example of an “inspirational” mood board that I put together for a kitchen that I am working on.  What I find helpful is to look at the colors, prints and styles all together to make sure they coordinate.  When something doesn’t fit it always stands out and gives you a chance to reconsider another choice before you are too far into the project. Have fun with this and share your creative process and inspiration mood boards.

mood board

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