Interior Design

Seven Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home

Take advantage of the long summer days to reset the decor for both inside and outside your home:

  1. Identify old home decor accessories that are no longer your style and donate them or give them away to friends and family. This simple step can help reduce clutter and bring attention to those items that you absolutely love
  2. Bring order and attention to family photos by creating a picture gallery and add some 3-dimensional items to give it some visual interest.
  3. Change your bedding to something light and airy for the Summer season.
  4. Buy or cut flowers from your garden and place them around your home.
  5. Add containers with flowers and plants to your front porch and back patio. Think through your color story beforehand using three colors at the most and make sure they work with paint color of your home.
  6. Replace throw pillows with bright cheerful colors or botanical prints.
  7. Add house plants to not only refresh the air but to add some textural interest.


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