Interior Design

Decorating on a Dime

Decorating your space does not have to be expensive.  Start by focusing on one project at a time so that it does not feel overwhelming and tackle what is most important to you first.

Once you decide the space or room, identify your color story to give it a coordinated and professional look.  Relocate donate or sell items that do not fit with your new color scheme.  The best items to save money on are lamps and accessories.  Put your money toward quality and comfortable furniture.  This can be an opportunity to add something a little trendy as long as it works with your current furniture.  Plants, both real and fake are inexpensive ways to add color and form to a room.  Pillows and throw added texture, while books and accessories add form. This little changes can go a long way.  Here are some ideas to inspire you.

deco on a dime

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